Have you ever slept? Well of course you did, if you didn’t then you are a psychopath. Sleep is something important that is also annoying but beneficial. I am going to tell you the pros and cons of sleeping.


Yes, sleep can be annoying sometimes, but there are benefits. For example you if you get sleep, then your body becomes healthy. Additionally your body will be recharged and be ready for the day


Although sleep is beneficial, it is annoying, if it’s a late night and you are playing games, you cannot legally go to sleep, because that is the law of a video gamer. You must not sleep when you are playing video games, because it is very important not to sleep, to make sure you get those double U’s.

Things you will miss our on

Yes sleeping is good, but there will be things that you will miss out on, for example video games, video games are important part of everyones life especially yours, so before making a decision whether go to bed or not, finish this article.

Things you won't miss out on

Sleeping will make you more healthy and will fill you up with energy, the things you wont miss out on is the world ending because if you are sleeping you won't even know.


Congratulations, you have finished this article, know it is your choice to make this decision whether you want to go to sleep or not, what I'm about to do is list you all the facts before your choice. First if you go to sleep you will feel great next morning and with full of energy. But you will miss out on playing video games with your homies and miss out on the holesome moments.